Looking for Love (or Lust)

2468-sunbathingSummer has graced us with it’s amorous presence, lathering us in beams of caressing sunlight. We are free to bask in it’s warmth, naked and unbound.

Along with that, it is now time to re-evaluate goals for Sensuality in Bloom; analyze the stories in progress, what works and what doesn’t; reset the discussions and topics for a new, tantalizing season to come.

In that work, I find others that follow my path of eroticism and story telling. I look for inspiration in the things I see around me, the stories that I read, and websites that I visit. Lately, my inspiration has been lacking, my lovelies. It is an impossible impossibility that has come to pass. The passion and desire are fleeting, like the ripples of gooseflesh from an orgasm come too soon and gone too quickly.

Thus, I come back to my center, breathe, and refocus.

Looking at submissions is a good way to refocus – find out what all of our lovely readers want. What scintillates you? What drives you mad with excitement, brings your blood to a lustful boil?

I have found a few that now motivate me to begin my quest for the erotic all over again so I shall share them with you, my lovelies, to see if you are so inclined to embark on this journey with me.

Would you take my hand and be my partner through the yearnings of our souls?


**The above link is for a call for submissions through the Erotica Readers and Writers Association (ERWA). There is no association with the ERWA other than a random web search that has inspired my fingers to caress the keys once more.

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