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Sex Talk: Relationships


Everyone dreams of having that perfect relationship: the perfect partner, toned and sexy willing to do anything for you. The sex is always mind blowing, sweet nothings are whispered in your ear and gifts left behind to tantalize you into more mind blowing sex.

Then, of course, we all wake up.

The reality, my lovelies, is that there is no picture perfect relationship. They will all come with their ups and downs, the pitfalls that create true love. Why is that true love? Well, simply put, if you can survive that then you can survive anything.

Relationships are not just about the sex and good times. They are built on the worst times, the foundations of strength from how you two worked through it. Not everyone has the picture perfect bod or the sexiest lingerie. There are days when the sexiest thing about your partner will be the Star Wars pajamas they’ve worn for the last nine days straight or the imprint of the bed sheets on their face first thing in the morning. These are the little things that are shared in life, in a partnership of trust and love. It is the ability to be silly and have fun with each other – – to run around in leopard print underwear and sunglasses through the house just because you can; to have tickle wars or food fights and not become annoyed with each other. To laugh as loud and as hard as you fuck. To hug as much as you kiss, and cry as much as you smile.

A little kink in the bedroom never hurts, of course. Laugh at the ridiculous noises that sex actually makes with each other. It’s alright to do so. Stop and listen next time – there’s quite a bit of squelching happening while you throw your head back and moan with pleasure. Giggle while trying to figure out how to properly use the fuzzy handcuffs that came in your BDSM starter kit (yes, they sell them) or maybe just eat a bowl of macaroni made with dick-shaped pasta (yes, they sell that too).

The point is to enjoy each other’s company. Don’t be afraid to be silly or to snort when you laugh so long as you laugh. The bad times will still be there, but they won’t seem as bad if the good times out number them.

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