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Spring is in the Air


As I am sure everyone knows, the seasons have finally changed, the greenery is emerging and every flower, tree, or blade of grass is copulating right before our very eyes and noses – – those sassy little things.

Spring time is, notoriously, a time for our favorite subject: sex. It is a time of renewal and lust. The trees know it, the animals as well. The ancients knew the same, worshiping various gods and goddesses that all had fertility and virility in their portfolios. It seems a little boring that we have forgotten these things in the modern age. No orgies, no sex rites, no legends of nymphs tantalizing a passing hunter or sirens dragging a sailor into the depths with her alluring charm anymore.  Things, now, have become far too serious, my lovelies.

Well, let us change that up a little even if it is just for a brief, fleeting moment, shall we?

Feel the thrumming beat of the drums deep in your breast. Hear the whooping cheers of those that watch as your body becomes a temple to the divine. Hips move in time with your partner’s, rising and falling with each thrust. The chants of those watching rise in excitement as a rush of pleasure fills you. Their excitement fuels your own, allowing you to give yourself over completely to the glory of the moment. You are filled, each movement offering another wave of ecstasy until you are screaming in blessed, divine bliss. The gods have heard you and, even if they haven’t, what fun you’ve just had.

Happy Spring, my lovelies.


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