Sex Talk

Sex Talk: Gender


Isn’t that a lovely image? A beautiful representation of the fluidity of gender. Oh yes, I said the word ‘gender’. Everyone take a moment to let that sink in, I wouldn’t want to scare anyone away. I know it is the ‘hot’ topic of discussion recently: what it is, identities, equalities – the list goes on and on.

I have said as much in the past and will say it again: here, within the boundaries of Sensuality in Bloom, all are welcome and loved equally without judgement or hate and that will forever remain in place. That being said, I know what a testy subject this can be for some people. I am not aiming to be testy, my lovelies, only to invite acceptance and love.

Gender has become a big topic, but why? Does it truly matter which uglies you’re bumping with so long as you are happy and safe? Not really, and yes, they are ugly when looked at under a microscope, I mean, really, who designed these things? All wrinkles and skin when we get down to it. But, as has become the topic of the proverbial day, gender is not just what’s in our pants but what it is in our hearts. It is how we see ourselves and how we think and it goes beyond just thinking that one wants to be a boy when she was born a girl or vice versa. It is identification with what brings you comfort and happiness.

I, for example, am, in fact, female yet I complain endlessly about said curse. My closest friends have dubbed me the “worst girl ever”, a title that I wear proudly. Despite complaints, I am comfortable in my skin. That is what matters most in all of this – that one is comfortable in their skin, whatever that might be. Others may not think so, but I’ve never subscribed to the norm or followed the piper in what others think.

Those that have followed their hearts, I applaud you for that takes a hefty amount of courage that many have. For those that would still hide themselves, find that courage even if it’s a small amount to hold just for yourself. None of this is about the science or the psychology or the technicalities of this or that – life never is for life does not subscribe to black and white. Life loves gray – and teal and pink, cerulean and aquamarine.

Find your courage, my lovelies, find your colors and your light and let them shine in whatever way comforts you most, then share those colors with me and the rest of the world. We want to see it, we want to shine with you.


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