Hump Day Updates


Don’t we all? It just sounds so tantalizingly fun to have that much, well FUN! And, what better day to have said fun than on our beloved Hump Day! I declare it to be a national holiday for all my sensually sexualized lovelies out there in the world. Embrace it! Celebrate it! Act on it! Sort of, let us not get carried away and do something we’ll regret later cuz that just takes all the fun out of anything.

I am pleased to see that my Sex Talk has been garnering some interest with everyone. It is, of course, my exquisite pleasure to share my thoughts and desires with you all. In a world of house wives and miniature beings, expression becomes important. Oh, did I just let a little secret slip out? Of course I did. Eventually, all of my secrets will be laid bare before you but I like keeping a few of them close to my heart.

We all have lives outside the bedroom, sillies. Today I get to share that my bedroom gets a ‘sexy’ (to me) new make over in the way of a new bed. Hooray! It’s the little things, my lovelies, celebrate them when you can. A new bed is a huge deal to one’s comforts, one’s fantasies, one’s ability to spread out naked on a bed and still not touch your partner (oh yes, it’s one of those). Now, I know you’re probably asking ‘Why would you not want to touch your partner??’ and normally I would reply ‘I wouldn’t, I love touching my partner’ but today we’re being real and it is starting to get hot but not hot enough for the air conditioner and my beloved Beloved is his own self contained nuclear reactor. See, that is the glory of intimacy: it does not all have to be sex and naughty thoughts. While it is great fun when it is that way, it isn’t a requirement and, more often than not, is a fluke for the fleeting moments when the tiny beings have retreated to their own sweet dreams or when the house belongs solely to us or we can sneak in a shower before work. Otherwise, my lovelies, it is lame movies and overheated snuggles in our soon-to-be oversized bed.

I also get to share that my literary alter ego is (finally) embarking upon the arduous task of composing a novel during CampNaNoWriMo. My words are not always of a sexual nature though how awesome would it be if they were?? No, on second thought, that might be a little awkward for the rest of the world. I don’t think people are ready for the level of awesome that flows from my finger tips. That’s not fair either. If the words were that awesome, I’d be selling more stories.

On that front, I am working on my next story for those of you that like to read the sexy rompings of my imaginary friends. I have not forgotten and I can give you several excuses as to why it has not been released yet but the biggest one is that all of my tiny humans can read!! And they all like to hover. Honesty is great for my beloved readers, not so much for my tiny humans. Either way, with how things are going for Camp and some of my other projects, I anticipate the next novella-length story to be released by the end of the month or else early May. I will keep everyone updated on its status and post some fun little teasers to get you all hot and bothered over it.

Much like with Sex Talk or the stories I share with you, my lovelies, I encourage you to share your lives with me, be it sexy or mundane. I have built an open forum of acceptance for all so come, share with me. Grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, and chat. Maybe we’ll find that fabulous fuck we’re all looking for somewhere in all the conversation.

Happy Hump Day, my lovelies! May it bring you your deepest desires!

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