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Love in a Hammock

Oh yes, it is that time again, my lovelies. How I have missed thee! So, today’s little inspiration has come from another blogger that I follow that happened to mention some frisky fun time in a pool. Seemed normal enough so I got to image hunting and what do my seeking eyes find but the gem that you see above you: Make love in a hammock!

Here is where things get a little fun. Have you all been in a hammock, my lovelies? Or made love on a solid surface? Even on a solid surface, sex is not generally a ‘still’ activity. Hammocks are also not a ‘still’ surface, nor are they truly solid. They give and bend, flex, shift, and… flip. Now, could you imagine, getting hot and heavy with your partner, fondling and tickling and moving legs all over each other when suddenly, WHAM! onto the floor you go. One would think that would be a grand mood killer.

However, this raises another question: where have you made love?

Everyone knows the mile high club in which participants somehow, miraculously, find a way to stuff two people into the tiny cubicles of a latrine on a plane and still bump fuzzies without impaling themselves on something inside the bathroom. I’ve been in airplane bathrooms, there’s barely any room to do the business for which that tiny space is intended, let alone anything else but, perseverance and determination go a long way, I suppose.

What about the back of a car? At least that won’t flip over on you and there is usually enough space to stretch out – or sit up – properly. There is an element of voyeurism to that as well; peeping Tom’s coming to watch your escapades through the rear mirror or even the thrill of being caught in a parking lot by someone who shouldn’t be watching. But, what if you want people to watch? Then where do you go?

Movie theatre perhaps (which is thrilling and awkward in and of itself) or a park? I’ve heard of the more … morbid voyeurs finding purchase in a cemetery for their super happy fun times. What about the front porch? Or beneath the stars on the beach. That, also, raises a few awkward questions like, what the hell do you do with all that sand that inevitably gets into the bits you don’t want it to get into? There are enough anime and stories out in the world that portray various sex acts while on a crowded, busy train. Personally, not really on my list of ‘sexiest places to fuck’ but I may be jaded by my unhealthy view of the disgusting trains we are forced to deal with her in the U.S. of A.  I mean really, just touching something on those trains is liable to infect you with something gross. Ew. But, some folks dig it so, to each their own!

There are, of course, the tamer spots in which to frolic skin to skin: the kitchen, living room, a bathroom or shower (always fun), on the steps, or some other part of your own abode that does not include the bedroom.

So, where are your ‘wild’ and ‘crazy’ places for sex, my lovelies? Share them with me while I contemplate the physics of said act in a hammock…

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