Sex Talk

Sex Talk: Quality or Quantity?


At some point in the history of human kind, in various cultures even, the harem was quite the thing to have. What better way to express your sexual desire or to have them met than to have a coterie of women (or men, I suppose) to choose from? Inside the inklings of my own mind, however, I often wonder just how good these people were at their selected ‘job’.

True, there were some that did not get to choose their profession and then there were others that trained for it, lived for it. There were those that were favored among the harem, singled out for their unique talents and mannerisms. They were the penultimate of their class and highly sought after.

Fast forward to the present day where such things are frowned upon – in public. No one would ever admit to wanting, having, or seeking a harem. Yet there are those that seek the attention of many. Perhaps not all at once, though orgies can be rather exciting in and of themselves, but they hop from partner to partner seeking… what? Intense satisfaction? Companionship?

There are the select, secretive few that have opted to live within the enveloping folds of a poly-amorous relationship. While not a harem, it is sharing their secrets and desires, love and life with more than one person. Does the quantity then change the quality? Most likely not, but it is a thought provoking question all the same.

Peel back the constraints, criticisms, and judgments of the current times for a moment. Breathe in, relax, and let your mind wander to a place where there are no rules, no expectations or demands. It is a place of carnal existence, for one to just be. Do you wander towards the group, or single out that one special person that draws you in, that completes the being that is ‘you’?

Deep thoughts for a Hump Day, I know. It happens from time to time as I flit about my day. Would be nice to share those thoughts with someone, my lovelies. Don’t be shy; all are welcome in my playground.

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