A Little Whimsy

Bedroom ‘Fantasies’

No, this is not quite what you think it’s going to be. Let us be honest, as savage and wild as we like to think we are, most of our sensual rendezvous happen in the bedroom. But, in the spirit of honesty, most bedrooms are not the end all be all of frivolity. Usually they’re covered in a few layers of laundry, at least two hampers, some shoes strewn about and, probably, mismatched furniture.

Now, if we expand our imaginary horizons a little and bring that lingerie sexiness into the bedroom, what do we get?

Well, we get something much like the above two images. Something sensual, exotic, soft, and appealing to the eye. And, why not? No one said we have to fuck with the lights off so we don’t have to look at our heinous bedrooms!

We dress ourselves up for our partners, why not dress up our bedrooms? A new throw here, maybe a soft rug that can be used later on in the evening, some twinkling lights, some candles – find a way to have the mood always in motion instead of needing an excuse to kick everything under the bed once or twice a week.

Besides, if you’re enticed by the beauty of your bedroom, then wild and savage is a bit easier to come by.

Bedroom 03

Give it a try… you might find that you enjoy the sensual side of your bedroom. If you want more ideas, check out my Pinterest board.



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