Sex Talk

Sex Talk: Preferences


Happy Hump Day, my lovelies. We’re embarking on a new adventure today. Everyone likes to read about sex, but very few actually like to talk about it. Personally, those conversations are the best that life can provide. You’re thinking about it right now, aren’t you? How many times have you talked about sex. That dirty, tiny little word. S.E.X. It’s tantalizing, sends shivers down your spine; so, let’s talk.

We are all individuals; we all have unique things about us that make you, you and me, me. This is no different behind closed doors, beneath the sheets while panting beneath our lover – we have wants, desires, preferences. I’m not talking about who we prefer to be with, though that certainly counts. Men, women, both? Up to you. But it goes deeper than that. What about that man or woman attracts you? Is it their eyes? The little imperfections in their tanned skin or the darkness of it that makes it more mysterious? Maybe it’s the adorable fact that they don’t tan at all, but they try anyway. Do you like them thin or thick, somewhere in between? And this is only in appearance.

What about their bed sheet manner, my lovelies? What ‘does it’ for you? Do you like it rough or easy? Who is in control, if anyone? Do you play dress up, maybe use a few fun little toys to get the spice going. Ropes and whips? Candles and roses? Food?

Talk to me, tell me your secrets and I will share mine.

I, for example, like both men and women. It’s the variety, the subtle differences between the two. Men are strong and firm (in more ways than one) while women are soft and accepting. I love the smell of a woman and the touch of a man. Everything, really, comes down to two features – their eyes and their ass. The eyes tell you everything and the ass, well, that’s just a lovely thing to hold isn’t it? I only like it rough if I’m in the right mood but give me a good bath time romp and massage any day and I will be putty in your hands. Mutual pleasure is an important preference for me; it should never be one-sided. That seems so unfair but, then again, maybe that’s something you like.

Oooh, clothes on or off? This seems like it should be a no-brainer but think about it? How scintillating is it to have a quicky with the clothes still on, bunched up to thighs or waist for those blessedly short minutes of bliss?

You’re thinking about it now, aren’t you? All the things you like that you’re too afraid to talk about.

Fear not, my pets. Talk to me; I will listen.

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