Happy Valentine’s Day



I think the picture speaks for itself, my lovelies. Perfect sensuality, caressing rose petals over flawless skin…

May you be showered with romance, blessed with exquisite kisses all over your body until goosebumps reign through the landscape of every dip and curve. Let your imagination run wild into a land of perfect fantasy – – or just let it be a little naughty.

Naughty is good. I like naughty. Let’s do naughty…

The bed creaked as they moved. The pictures on the bedside table shook, the family depicted smiling and happy. Her wrists were tied to the bedposts with silk sashes that left red marks on her flesh. The shades were drawn as they always were – the neighbors liked being nosy.

The camera light was blinding so she kept her eyes closed; it made the situation more erotic anyway. Her breasts bounced as the man between her legs rammed her repeatedly, her mouth wrapped firmly around a large, black cock. The men grunted with perverse satisfaction while they fucked her, using her, their little whore.

It was never the same men twice in a row. Hell, it was not always men. She had been feeling particularly horny , however, having not had her morning goodbye fuck. John was running late, and had left with just a quick kiss before bolting out the door. Well… now he’d regret it.

She moaned while she sucked off the black guy feeding her his cock, spit and precum rolling down over her chin; sloppy, wet, and messy. The other one fucked her so hard she wanted to scream, his cock stretching her out, filling her pussy completely. She was so hot and wet, the sounds of their fucking were audible, his balls slapping against her ass.


Where shall we go now, my lovelies? Where shall we go?

Bad Wife, next on the docket for stories in the sensual world in which we live. If you can’t wait for Bad Wife to debut, check out the second installment of Lonely Housewife, available now on Amazon and Smashwords!

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