Valentine’s Specials



Let’s us get a little bit of man-candy up on these here pages, my lovelies… 😉 Do I have your attention now?

It is the month of love! The month of romance and sensual kisses, rose petals on the bed and long, soaking bubble baths with your most cherished love!

Let your lover touch you, caress you, massage you with delicious oils and be sure to repay the favor, they deserve attention too, after all.

In honor of our month of sexy and the upcoming release of Adventures of a Lonely Housewife, I am running a promotion for all my beautiful lovelies out there who would like to read the first installment before the second hits the web with a bang.

For those of you that are fans of Amazon, Dreams of a Lonely Housewife can be found here with a special promotion running until Valentine’s day. For those of you familiar with Smashwords, you can find Emma’s misadventures in the Nether Wood here. Use promo code: ZA58Q for 50% off!

And, just because I love being a great tease, here is a little peek at what’s to come in Emma’s next adventures:

Max took the pendant from me and refastened it around my neck. He was so positive that he could make things right for me when I was the one that royally screwed things up. I let him baby me though because I was a selfish person and needed to be coddled and comforted for my stupid mistakes.

Max obliged me, sliding my robe off my shoulders. It fell to the floor at my feet, sending a chill through my whole body. He kissed my neck and shoulders. He rubbed my arms and moved downward to suckle at each breast, his tongue swirling around each nipple until they were rock hard. I could not explain the sudden burst of fire that ran through me. It had been so lackluster before and now I was practically an inferno that wanted to be fucked like a porn star – – while still crying over the baby in my belly!

Instead, I put my fingers through Max’s soft curls as he moved further south on my body. I stood there, trembling and crying, letting him kiss my stomach. He hovered over my belly where he believed his child to be. Max kissed the spot just beneath my navel, wrapping his arms around my waist with a gentle squeeze to my ass until finally kissing my slick pussy lips. I shuddered, moaning with mouth wide open. My knees felt weak and I nearly fell over when I felt his tongue slide inside of me.

If you like what you’re reading, be sure to keep an eye out for the full story, coming out February 14 and take a peek at the first installment, Dreams of a Lonely Housewife on Amazon or Smashwords!

Cheers, lovelies!


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