New Fun Place!


I’ve mentioned before, I think, how slow I am to this whole social media thing. You’d think I’d be ON IT, like *snap snap*! Sadly, no. I have Facebook, I have Twitter – neither of which I have mastered very well. Now, I get to add a new one to the list, except this one I have mastered!


So much win! SO many pretty little tantalizing pictures to get everyone’s blood in a sensual boil. While my boards may be a bit lacking at the moment, I did only just create the page last night. I’m pleased with my progress so far. And it is way too much fun for my little self to contain sometimes. Boards for each story, boards for the racy things in life or the romantical notions we all wish for.

It is the one social media I can use with great skill, pinning the day away (almost literally sometimes) until it is full of wonderful, beautiful, blessedly sexy things for the entire world to see.

Go take a look, lovelies. Come fall into the erotic rabbit hole with me.


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