Technical Difficulties


Yes, that’s about how I felt yesterday while I tried to add a new post to my lovely new website only to find that I could only stare at a blank screen. I wanted to update all of my little lovelies on my writing progress for Emma and her wonderful adventures in the Nether Wood. I wanted to engage everyone in a poll on favorite positions to spice up my words.

My computer had other ideas.

My computer said ‘no’, we cannot have any fun at all. Then, like a sneaky whore in the night, Scrivener joined in with the torment and decided to eat two weeks worth of work while mocking me with sadistic laughter echoing into the night.

No, there were not very many words and they are backed up onto a thumb drive (and Drop Box and Google Docs because, let’s face it, my lovelies, there is reason to be paranoid in this day of technological advances) but that isn’t the point.

The point is that my fun was ruined; your fun was ruined!

Now the hunt begins for a new computer and a new writing platform. Partnerships must be equal, functional, fun – wouldn’t you agree, my loves?

Now, let’s see if we can’t get Emma back on track. I do believe she has two very handsome, virile men to choose from… 😉


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