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Adventures CoverB.png Unable to hide her secret any longer, Emma returns to the Nether Wood for more steamy adventures and saucy romances. But can she handle all that she steps into, or will she fall too deep into the rabbit hole?






Housewife Larger

Emma has the perfect life – too perfect. It’s boring, dull, uninteresting. She dreams of a life that has a little more adventure or pizzazz. A romp with the neighbor, a quick scandal, anything but her typical day of mothering and PTA.

It’s amazing what happens when you wish hard enough.
Adventure is what she seeks and adventure is what she gets in a sultry, steamy fairy tale that is sure to sweep her off her feet.




sim-cover There is nothing quite like the thrill of owning your first home. Michael feels that thrill from head to toe until that thrill turns to something else entirely. Thrill turns to a supernatural lust that he cannot get enough of. Things take a turn for the worse when that lust turns to terror, however. Will Michael give fight against his desire for carnal pleasure or will the spirits within consume him entirely?